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The DREPANUM wind inverters are the latest generation of grid connected inverters, fed by a wind generator.

Unlike the other grid connected wind inverters on the market, our Drepanum wind inverters don’t result from solar inverters and are the only ones that implement an automatic wind MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) algorithm, that allows to supply always the maximum power available from the generator under each wind speed.

All the other inverters, instead, supply power to load in accordance with a predetermined power vs. frequency table, that doesn’t keep in mind of changeable conditions of the wind.

Moreover, since LAYER wind generators can produce a higher power than the nominal one, our inverters are oversized to be able to supply higher power without any problem.

Drepanum wind inverters can be customized for any horizontal or vertical-axle wind generator.

Home or industrial wind-power plants

Compatibility with any wind generator

Wide wind MPPT input voltage range even modifiable on request

High reliability

Insulation transformer in low frequency for all the range from 1.5 to 110 kW

Power factor > 0.99 in each operating condition (value certified by UL lab)

Only produces a small amount of harmonic distortion for mains (THD < 2% in accordance with the standard IEEE 929)

IGBT Technology with a high commutation frequency

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