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The Aton series of storage bidirectional converters represents the state-of-the-art in quality and technology, accumulated by LAYER ELECTRONICS in more than 50 years of experience in the field of the stabilization and static conversion of the energy. Layer Electronics, which is still aiming for continuous development, developed a project along with the CNR (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche – National Research Council) and the DIEETCAM of the University of Palermo: a bidirectional converter completely controlled by DSP, fed by renewable energy sources (solar, wind, …) and by a storage system (lead-acid, NiCd, Li-Ion, NaNiCl2).

The conversion system is able to perform actions of local control, and to respond to remote control signals in order to:

Contribute to processes of regulation of the voltage and frequency of the electrical system in grid connection;

Support the voltage and frequency, maintaining their values within predetermined ranges of variation in stand-alone;

Keep adequate power quality indices in all the operating conditions.

The following picture shows two possible configurations:

According to the needs, the Aton storage converter will work as:

a grid connected inverter from a storage system (lead-acid, NiCd, Li-Ion, NaNiCl2);

an off-grid inverter from a storage system (lead-acid, NiCd, Li-Ion, NaNiCl2) to supply loads during a blackout (the so-called “UPS mode”);

a Power Factor Correction (PFC) charger from mains to recharge the storage system (lead-acid, NiCd, Li-Ion, NaNiCl2).

Home or industrial photovoltaic plants

Electric vehicles

Compatibility with each kind of storage system

UPS mode

PFC Charger from mains

High reliability

Insulation transformer in low frequency for all the range from 2 to 250 kW

Only produces a small amount of harmonic distortion for mains (THD < 2% in accordance with the standard IEEE 929)

IGBT Technology with a high commutation frequency

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