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Stand-alone systems

Layer Electronics Stand-alone systems

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Solar stand-alone systems are characterized by the absence of mains. In stand-alone systems the energy from solar modules and / or from a wind generator is stored up in batteries to be then used by the inverter or directly by eventual loads in DC. A so complex full power plant needs different equipment to be functional in any operational condition.

Layer Electronics shows GREEN ISLAND, the only stand-alone system that allows to have electric energy, where there isn’t it, thanks to one equipment, which can be supplied by solar modules, a wind generator and a back-up source, like mains or gen set.

Inside it, there could be solar and wind charge regulators, a battery charger from mains / gen set and an inverter, if the customer also needs AC.

The GREEN ISLAND can be totally customized according to the customer’s demands; it is possible to modify voltages and power of the equipment to satisfy your needs at best.

GREEN ISLAND has been created with the scope to optimize spaces, to simplify the installation minimizing wirings and so to answer to the more and more increasing need to have all these items in only one equipment.

Applications: Hybrid solar / wind-power plants. Characteristics: Totally customized, Simplified installation. Tags: solar stand alone systems, off grid systems, wind stand alone systems, hybrid systems, solar hybrid systems, wind hybrid systems, solar chargers, solar charge regulators

Hybrid solar / wind-power plants

Totally customized

Simplified installation

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