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The electronic control circuit checks plant data and guarantees a reliable and completely automatic operation of the connected load.

Photovoltaic lamp posts for street and urban lighting

This charge regulator implements the following functions:

PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) type regulation of battery charge

Charging system for lead-acid / AGM / NiCd / Li-Ion batteries (selectable by display)

Battery charge with voltage compensation versus temperature

Main parameters monitoring and acquisition for the correct system operation

Double output for separate supply of two lamps

Inside quartz clock

Lamps turning on/off periods management through turning on/off time setting

Battery discharge control through connected electric load decrease (possible lamp 2 turning off or light flux decrease on request)

Total turning off of the connected electric load (CUT-OFF threshold), in case of attainment of max allowed discharge threshold

Lamps turning on/off through outside photocell (or using the same photovoltaic module as sensor on request)

Lamps turning on and management through external commands (optional radio-command)

Light flux regulation up to 50% for a best stored energy time management (on request)

Predisposition for proximity sensor (on request)

Display (optional)

RS232, RS485, SNMP, CAN for connection with inside data logger for on-line loading and unloading data (optional)

Data logger with data acquisition and maintenance for 10 operation days (acquisition data inside the lamp, optional)

As street lighting, we can supply photovoltaic lamp posts complete with:

Galvanized steel posts of any size

LED, LPS / SOX or energy saving lamps with ballasts and fittings

Photovoltaic modules, fit to guarantee the energetic balance among produced and consumed energy

Batteries to guarantee the stored energy time required by the customer

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