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The WINDSUN solar inverters are the latest generation of grid connected inverter, fed by solar modules or fuel cells.

Thanks to its wide MPP operation voltage range, it starts supplying power from the first lights of the dawning up to late sunset, guaranteeing a higher power generation to your photovoltaic plant.

The concept behind the WINDSUN solar inverters series is based on Layer’s considerable experience in power electronics, which dates back more than 50 years.

This encompasses the design and manufacture of U.P.S.s, inverters and converters, including custom-made versions.

The philosophy with which we realize all our products is based on guaranteeing absolute reliability for the client – reliability ensured through the high technology and quality of the components used. With the WINDSUN solar inverters this comprises modular IGBT, long life low ESR electrolytic capacitors (for 1-Ph models) and film capacitors (for 3-Ph models).

Solar inverters with transformer avoid the PID (Potential Induced Degradation) phenomenon, consisting in performances even lower than 20-30% of the solar power plant due to leakage currents.

Home or industrial photovoltaic plants

Fuel cells

High reliability

Insulation transformer in low frequency for all the range from 2 to 250 kW

Power factor > 0.99 in each operating condition (value certified by UL lab)

Only produces a small amount of harmonic distortion for mains (THD < 2% in accordance with the standard IEEE 929)

Compatibility with each thin film module without any external grounding kit

Wide MPPT input voltage range, even modifiable on request

IGBT Technology with a high commutation frequency

Upon request a wide range of input voltage for fuel cells

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