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Qualified and skilled staff is at your disposal for clarification and tips on possible checks on your equipment, which allows a mutual understanding as well as a deeper analysis of customer issues and a more timely and more appropriate answer to every question.


Layer Electronics also provides an efficient customer service via e-mail. This allows you to write in detail the question to be submitted to our staff, so to reduce time and costs, and then send the message to Layer service, responding within 24 hours after receiving the message.


Our Technical Department is at your disposal to provide you with detailed information on the products and any tips for their optimal use. It is also willing to examine your requests for projects of special equipment.

Spare parts

To maintain the high level of performance and reliability of Layer Electronics electronic converters the following rules are applied:

Careful choice of components;

Manufacturing according to recognised standards and codes of practice;

Strict quality control;

Careful adjustment and regulation.

However, in use, problems can occur which require parts to be replaced or repaired. Replacement of defective parts can sometimes be made by the user to restore correct operation of the system which may then be returned to service. For this, spare parts will be required.

For continued reliability only approved, identical replacement parts may be used. Layer Electronics systems are designed in such a way that any spare part, printed circuit board, sub-assembly or component can be replaced without any adjustment. Layer After Sales Service Department has records of recommended spares for all equipment.

When ordering spare parts, it is essential to identify the equipment by quoting the model and the serial number stamped on the rating plate.

We are committed to make spare parts available for any of our installations as soon as possible for a period of at least 20 years after supply and delivery of units to clients. Moreover, Layer own printed circuit boards are ALWAYS ready in stock, even for out-of-production equipment.

Maintenance and Service

Power electronic converters need to be maintained regularly. A regular maintenance increases the life span of the system.

Layer Electronics products generally need an extremely low maintenance. In order to guarantee the usual reliability, however, certain components should be replaced preventively after a few years. Continuous improvements may require new firmware versions or hardware components. During maintenance by Layer authorized personnel, the use of the respectively necessary and current version is given.

Installation and Commissioning

A professional installation and commissioning is of crucial importance for the long-term serviceability of power electronic converters. Layer Electronics offers the installation and commissioning of all Layer equipment worldwide. This service is performed by trained engineers and technicians. Only a commissioning performed by Layer staff guarantees a perfect installation of the system.


Layer Electronics offers various training opportunities for personnel around the operation of an electronic converter to avoid personal injury and property damage as well as costly production and work interruptions.

These can be carried out either in the Layer Electronics facility in Italy with existing test systems or directly at the customer’s site.

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