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Project I-Sole

Project I-Sole

The research project “Generazione e distribuzione sostenibile dell’energia nelle ISOLE minori – I-SOLE” (Sustainable energy generation and distribution in the smaller ISLANDS – I-SOLE) was approved, a project co-financed by the EUROPEAN UNION POR FESR SICILY 2014-2020 Action 1.1.5 – Support for the technological advancement of companies through the financing of pilot lines and early product validation and large-scale demonstration actions, No. 08000PA90246 – CUP G99J18000540007, presented by Layer Electronics s.r.l. (lead company), SEA Società Elettrica di Favignana S.p.A., SOPES s.r.l., Elettromeccanica di Domenico Mangano and C. s.a.s., STMicroelectronics, University of Palermo, INM-CNR Institute of Marine Engineering of the National Research Council of Palermo, ITAE Institute of Advanced Technologies for Energy “Nicola Giordano” of the National Research Council.
The general objective of the project is to develop innovative devices and technical solutions for smart grids for small islands, at low cost and easy to install, which allow energy storage, monitoring, energy management, control distributed generation, storage systems and electricity distribution, in order to allow greater exploitation of RES in the smaller islands, guaranteeing the safety of the electricity system and, at the same time, greater flexibility in the management of production, accumulation and demand for electricity.

The project involves the construction of the following demonstrators:

Island of Ustica demonstrator:
Realization and experimental verification of a hydroelectric generation system and a photovoltaic system with 64 kWp / 59.5 kWh lithium-ion storage, connected to the Ustica distribution network and integrated into a smart grid. The activity will be developed thanks to the availability of Impresa Elettrica D’Anna & Bonaccorsi s.r.l., distributor of the island of Ustica, as a stakeholder. This demonstrator will include the development and construction of a hydroelectric plant (less than 20 kW) which will allow energy recovery by exploiting the difference in height created by the island’s desalination plant and a 64 kWp / 59.5 kWh solar plant with lithium-ion storage.

Island of Favignana demonstrator:
Realization and experimental verification of a smart grid with distributed generation management and small – medium power distributed storage systems to be located in the secondary substations, appropriately chosen on the basis of an analysis of the power flows on the medium voltage network. This demonstrator will include 4x 2.4 kWp / 9 kWh solar systems with lithium-ion storage and 3x 23.4 kWh lithium-ion storage systems.

Island of Lipari demonstrator:
Realization and experimental verification of a prototype hydroelectric plant that allows energy recovery by exploiting the difference in height created by the desalination plant. A centralized monitoring and control system will interact with the new plant.

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