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The SE electronic stabilizers are designed for continuous operation and guarantee maximum reliability and minimum maintenance.


According to the needs, the Aton storage converter will work as:
a grid connected inverter from a storage system (lead-acid, NiCd, Li-Ion, NaNiCl2);
an off-grid inverter from a storage system (lead-acid, NiCd, Li-Ion, NaNiCl2) to supply loads during a blackout (the so-called “UPS mode”);
a Power Factor Correction (PFC) charger from mains to recharge the storage system (lead-acid, NiCd, Li-Ion, NaNiCl2).


Layer Electronics shows GREEN ISLAND, the only system that allows to have electric energy, where there isn’t it, thanks to an only equipment, which can be supplied by solar modules, a wind generator and a back-up source, like mains or gen set.

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