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Inverters ISC series

Layer Electronics Inverters ISC series

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The ISC series of static inverters offers the ultimate in terms of quality and reliability. These are the ideal solutions to protect electrical, electronic and computer systems in areas where only direct current is available.

Applications: Telephonic power stations, Hydroelectric and thermoelectric power stations, Solar plants, Wind-power plants, Radio links, Ambulances, Marine vessels. Characteristics: Robustness, High professional level of components used, High reliability. Tags: dc/ac inverter, inverter dc/ac, dc/ac inverters, inverters dc/ac, sine wave inverters, monophase inverter, single phase inverter, bi-phase inverter, two-phase inverter, threephase inverter, monophase inverters, single phase inverters, bi-phase inverters, two-phase inverters, threephase inverters, stand alone inverter, stand alone solar inverter, stand alone wind inverter, stand alone inverters, stand alone solar inverters, stand alone wind inverters

Telephonic power stations

Hydroelectric and thermoelectric power stations

Solar plants

Wind-power plants

Radio links


Marine vessels


High professional level of components used

High reliability

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