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Inverters IS series

Layer Electronics Inverters IS series

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The IS series of static inverters provides an uninterrupted 1-Ph AC voltage of 230 V 50 Hz designed to supply a wide range of loads.

Applications: Solar plants, Wind-power plants, Marine vessels. Characteristics: Robustness, High professional level of components used, High reliability. Tags: dc/ac inverter, inverter dc/ac, dc/ac inverters, inverters dc/ac, sine wave inverters, monophase inverter, single phase inverter, bi-phase inverter, two-phase inverter, threephase inverter, monophase inverters, single phase inverters, bi-phase inverters, two-phase inverters, threephase inverters, stand alone inverter, stand alone solar inverter, stand alone wind inverter, stand alone inverters, stand alone solar inverters, stand alone wind inverters

Solar plants

Wind-power plants

Marine vessels


High professional level of components used

High reliability

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