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Industrial UPS Erix series

Layer Electronics Industrial UPS Erix series

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ERIX line interactive industrial UPS guarantee a stable output voltage and a highly reliable protection.

Applications: Local Area Network (LAN); Data Centers; Shopping centres; Telecommunication applications; Banks; Electromedical equipment. Characteristics: Protection from mains disturbances; Automatic overload protection; Insulation transformer in input and output; Line conditioner; Improved stored energy time; Battery may be recharged when the UPS is switched off; High reliability. Tags: U.P.S., UPS, industrial U.P.S., industrial UPS, uninterruptible power supply, uninterruptible power supplies, online UPS, online double conversion UPS, on line UPS, on line double conversion UPS, line interactive UPS, no break UPS, sinewave UPS, monophase UPS, single phase UPS, bi-phase UPS, two-phase UPS, threephase UPS, three-monophase UPS, three-single phase UPS

Local Area Network (LAN)

Data Centers

Shopping centres

Telecommunication applications


Electromedical equipment

Protection from mains disturbances

Automatic overload protection

Insulation transformer in input and output

Line conditioner

Improved stored energy time

Battery may be recharged when the UPS is switched off

High reliability

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