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Gaspare Culcasi, founder of LAYER ELECTRONICS, began working in the electro-technical field in 1960, attending training courses at the SCUOLA RADIO ELETTRA where he obtained his first technical diploma.

After his first training experience within the famous institute, he then took part in the following courses and obtained the subsequent diploma.

After his training period, Gaspare Culcasi began to put his knowledge into practice and finally opened the private company LAYER ELECTRONICS in 1967, which later produced the first transformers and stabilizers for TVs and Radios.

In 1974 he developed the first project which fell into the field of static energy conversion and developed the first inverters.

In 1981, using the same thyristor technology as applied to inverters, he developed the first high-performance UPS. After this he designed and developed projects for professional use, eg. in industry; the first UPS – 50 kVA was produced.

In 1998, the company, which was still aiming for continuous development, developed a project which was approved and financed by the European Commission within the scope of the ESPRIT – Microelectronics program, along with the CRES (Centro per la Ricerca Elettronica in Sicilia – Centre for Electronic research in Sicily): a new 3-Ph UPS completely controlled by microprocessors. They have also developed a 1-Ph UPS, controlled by micro-controllers and able to be monitored remotely for diagnostic purposes and failure warning alarms, in conjunction with said Research Centre.

In 1999, LAYER ELECTRONICS continued to develop the results along with the CRES thus beginning the planning stage for the new series of equipment made by LAYER ELECTRONICS, which are remote controlled. In the same year to improve the efficiency of its organization and working methods still further, LAYER ELECTRONICS has started on an internal restructuring programme which enabled it to achieve ISO 9001 Quality Certification.

In 2003, always careful to the environmental problems, LAYER ELECTRONICS has developed an innovative project of inverters for grid connection fed by photovoltaic cells or wind-power generators. Such systems will be in fact the solution for the future energetic world problems.

In 2007, continuing to develop products regarding renewable energies, LAYER ELECTRONICS introduces the new range of permanent magnets wind generators up to 20 kW. Today the company is proud to offer the public a new and complete range of electro-technical and electronic high-performance products.

LAYER ELECTRONICS currently produces and markets many different electro-technical and electronic support systems for its large clientele: “NO-BREAK” and “ON-LINE” double conversion type 1-Ph and 3-Ph U.P.S., Emergency converters, A.V.R. (Stabilizers), Ferro saturated stabilizers, Electronic line conditioners, DC/AC Static and grid connected inverters, Wind generators, Charge regulators, Cathode protection power supplies, Power supplies, Frequency converters, DC/DC Regulated converters, Regulated power supplies, Automatic battery chargers, Automatic low voltage power factor correction equipment, Isoltest (Earth fault detection for hospital, industrial and naval equipment), Transformers and anything else, which you may require from us.

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