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The SE electronic stabilizers are designed for continuous operation and guarantee maximum reliability and minimum maintenance, and have been offered in our production range for more than 50 years.

The SE stabilizers are products called ”electronic”, because both the control and the regulation system are purely electronic.

Our stabilizers take advantage of the principle of the series transformer to increase or to decrease the value of the input voltage in a gradual and rapid way through the secondary winding in series of a transformer supplied by power triacs and controlled by an electronic board with microprocessor at high speed.

The principle of the stabilization in alternating current is to add or to subtract to mains voltage a voltage with the same frequency and in-phase or out-of-phase (180°), always taken by the mains, in order to turn back the output voltage within the planned range. The supplying voltage of the series transformer is given by power triacs, driven by an electronic board that, constantly verifying the value of the output voltage, provides to supply the series transformer up to the attainment of the nominal voltage.

So far SE stabilizers have been installed in several African Countries, like Nigeria and Angola, to stabilize voltage coming from power stations very far from towns or villages, which use that energy.

Power generation

Transmission & Distribution

Oil & Gas






Domestic users

Lighting systems

Solar grid connected power plants

Completely electronic

Full power on the whole input voltage range and independent voltage regulation on each phase

High intervention speed

No induced harmonic distortion on the customer’s loads

Standard input voltage range of -30% +20%, that can be extended up to -60% +40%.

High efficiency (98%)

No micro-interruptions in output voltage due to corrections made

Medium Voltage solutions on request

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