The CF series of frequency converters offers the ultimate in terms of quality and reliability. LAYER ELECTRONICS recommends the CF series of frequency converters to all those driven by professional needs who therefore need very high performance products.

Since its introduction on the market on 2005, the CF series of frequency converters has shown great reliability and robustness, becoming the top product and finding application in the most different situations, both civil and military (CAGE/NCAGE/NATO code: AD484).

The high reliability is due to the high professional level of components used and to its simplicity.

The management through Digital Signal Processor (DSP) allows so many controls to also protect the frequency converter and the connected load under the worst electric conditions, environmental and in overload. Particular attention is given in safeguarding the connected load through an insulation transformer in output.

The CF series of frequency converters is a high technology product. The CF series of frequency converters is available for 50-60-75-200-400 Hz in monophase version from 1.5 kVA to 50 kVA (available also with threephase input) and in threephase version from 5 kVA to 1600 kVA.

Military applications (CAGE/NCAGE/NATO code: AD484)

Industrial applications

ON-LINE double conversion technology

Insulation transformer in output

Only produces a small amount of harmonic distortion for mains

IGBT Technology with a high commutation frequency

High crest factor

Well able to supply power to devices which produce significant distortion

Inrush current lower than nominal current

High MTBF (>150000 h)

Compact size

Easy to run and use, with a step-by-step start-up guide and a highly evolved SNMP diagnostic

Operating system and visualization software which run in a windows® environment

Frequency Converters CF SERIES


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