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up to 2000 kVA

Electronic Stabilizers


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Layer Electronics, based in Sicily, Italy, is a manufacturer of power electronics with highest standards of European quality. Our products portfolio includes Industrial UPS, Frequency converters, AVR (electronic stabilizers), Line conditioners, Inverters for solar and wind power projects, Power supplies, Transformers and customized products. We design stand-alone hybrid solar/ wind power plants with simplified installation and totally customized. Our inverters with an automatic control circuit, which checks plant data and guarantees a reliable and completely automatic operation of the connected load, suitable for solar street and urban lighting as well. Our industrial UPS are divided in 5 series and their power range varies between 600 VA and 1600 kVA with a backup time of up to 3 hours or more, guaranteeing a stable output voltage and a highly reliable protection. Our UPS are suitable for Railways, Airports, Hospitals, Banks, Electromedical equipment and other industrial sectors. Our Frequency converters range in power between 1.5 kVA and 1600 kVA, with on-line double conversion, insulation transformer and available frequencies: 50, 60, 75, 200 and 400 Hz. Our stabilizers are manufactured in 3 types, ranging in power between 300 VA and 2000 kVA. The SE electronic voltage stabilizers are designed to have independent voltage regulation on each phase, high intervention speed and wide input voltage ranges. The UC series power supplies / DC UPS / battery chargers provide high reliability under the most difficult operating condition, such as lightning and sudden temperature changes.